Sunday, January 25, 2015

Panic in Kiev?

The following article appeared briefly at this URL on and was quickly pulled down. Ironic? It would seem so. My translation.

“Panic in Kiev: Ukrainian forces surrender Donbass”

International observers report of growing panic in Kiev in connection with the successful counteroffensive of the separatists near Donbass.

Over a week of fighting the partisans have delivered a heavy blow to the Ukrainian forces. The group of Ukrainian fighters in Donbas suffered huge losses, the soldiers are demoralized, the officers are confused and unable to control the situation.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Over the course of 2014 the prices the world pays for crude oil have tumbled from over $125 per barrel to around $45 per barrel now, and could easily drop further before heading much higher before collapsing again before spiking again. You get the idea. In the end, the wild whipsawing of the oil market, and the even wilder whipsawing of financial markets, currencies and the rolling bankruptcies of energy companies, then the entities that financed them, then national defaults of the countries that backed these entities, will in due course cause industrial economies to collapse. And without a functioning industrial economy crude oil would be reclassified as toxic waste. But that is still two or three decades off in the future.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Peculiarities of Russian National Character

Ancient Slavic god Zimnik: a squat old man, long hair the color of snow, wears a white coat, always barefoot. Carries an iron staff, one swing with which instantly freezes everything solid. Can summon snowstorms, ice storms and blizzards. Goes around taking whatever he likes, especially children who misbehave.

Recent events, such as the overthrow of the government in Ukraine, the secession of Crimea and its decision to join the Russian Federation, the subsequent military campaign against civilians in Eastern Ukraine, western sanctions against Russia, and, most recently, the attack on the ruble, have caused a certain phase transition to occur within Russian society, which, I believe, is very poorly, if at all, understood in the west. This lack of understanding puts Europe at a significant disadvantage in being able to negotiate an end to this crisis.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Interview on the Lifeboat Hour

In the latest episode, I am interviewed by Carolyn Baker, who took over after the tragic loss of Mike Ruppert.

On the Charlie Hebdo Carnage

The killing of the staff at the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo by Moslem assailants who said that they wanted to die as martyrs, and the subsequent killing of the assailants, together with their hostages, by the French police, could not have failed to produce strong emotions. For instance, my friend Bruno had this to say. I don't entirely disagree, especially about the undue haste of the French police, but I do want to make a few points about methods.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

2015: Grounds for Optimism

This may seem like an odd line of reasoning to pursue given what everyone else seems to be saying. Some are thinking that 2015 will be a repeat of 2014 with a few incremental changes (always a safe bet, but makes for boring reading) while others are warning of the potential for a nuclear confrontation between the US and Russia (always a possibility, on par with an asteroid strike or a supernova in our galactic vicinity). But this is all more of the same. The interesting question to ask is, How has the ground shifted in 2014, if indeed it has?

Monday, January 05, 2015

Organizational announcement

I have decided to streamline the operation a bit. Now, instead of piling collapse, English spelling, boat design and various miscellaneous projects all into one blog, I will have one for each:
For collapse-related items of interest, geopolitics and various bits of practical philosophy, please keep coming back here.
Project Unspell
For Project Unspell (which is up and running; I am putting the finishing touches on unspelled Tom Sawyer) go to

S/V Quidnon
For reading about and helping me think through a boat design project for a “houseboat that sails,” please go to I will be updating it on a daily basis between now and whenever all the design issues are resolved.

Also, if you are looking for a place to go hiking, mountain-biking, skinny-dipping or bird-watching in Massachusetts, go to and use a special-purpose search engine I built.

That will be all.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Imperial Collapse Playbook

Some people enjoy having the Big Picture laid out in front of them—the biggest possible—on what is happening in the world at large, and I am happy to oblige. The largest development of 2014 is, very broadly, this: the Anglo-imperialists are finally being forced out of Eurasia. How can we tell? Well, here is the Big Picture—the biggest I could find. I found it thanks to Nikolai Starikov and a recent article of his.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Absolutely Positive now available in paper form
This book of essays was previously only available as an e-book. But since lots of people don't like reading books on gadgets, here it is in paperback form. It contains essays from 2-3 years back, all available for free right on this blog if you dig deep enough. But the book is much more convenient.

Table of Contents